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Lauren Taubenfeld


Lauren Taubenfeld (b. Miami, FL) is a visual artist based in New York City who works with photography.  She earned her BFA in Photography from Parsons the New School for Design (2016), and her MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies at the International Center for Photography–Bard College (2019). Her work has been exhibited in various galleries, including Thierry Goldberg Gallery, Jeffrey Leder Gallery and CCNY Baxter Street. She has also exhibited at the International Center for Photography, most recently with a solo show at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios. Musee Magazine,, and AIN’T-BAD have published her work. As her work deals with topics of mental illness, depression and addiction, she has also been a part of the Too Tired Project. She is currently working on her first monograph.

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artist statement

In FIGHT/FLIGHT, photographs become tools of investigation to thread fragments of repressed memories back together. Anonymous land cavities, craters, and cracks are juxtaposed with familiar domestic scenes, disrupting a singular narrative. A space opens for interpretation where meaning becomes malleable; a sense of control is lost as quickly as it is found.

Exploring the chaotic terrain of trauma, this project emerges from the artist’s experience stuck in a cycle of addition where memory is fractured. The body of work took shape over the course of ten years, in collaboration with her younger brother and various family members. It stretches from her home in New York City to deserts in the Southwest and finds roots in the Jewish Diaspora with pictures from Israel.